Sarah Daley is a Philadelphian artist residing in East Falls. Since childhood, Sarah has always felt compelled to create and has a lifetime of experience using various mediums and techniques Her art career began in 2020 during the pandemic when she was instinctively seeking a creative outlet.

Sarah has a degree in physical therapy, practicing twelve years in primarily in acute care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She completed her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration in 2019. Before transitioning to a part-time artist and exploring other creative ventures, Sarah gained vast experience helping people regain mobility.

After making a career of specializing in movement, Sarah naturally leaned into creating art with a focus on figures. Sarah’s artwork explores the beauty of all bodies with the intention to encapsulate the conflicting confidence and vulnerability in being exposed. She also appreciates an eye-catching color palette to encourage a sense of warmth and comfort. She enjoys utilizing various techniques with acrylic paint to create a sense of flow and depth in her artwork.

She plans to evolve her figurative work with a more surrealist approach.


One of my favorite ways to create art is with acrylic paint on small 6x6" canvas paper.

Originals are $45. Prints coming soon!

I will always LOVE creating figurative art. Inclusion of all bodies is important to me as well.

All bodies are beautiful.


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Upcoming Events

Event: Artists At Work - NLBID

Location: Tuck Barre Yoga

1100 N Front St Suite 104

Date/Time: June 10 4-6 PM

I will be live painting and selling originals!


Philly Art Collective Gallery

"Her Space"

Collection of art by women

Multiple events, 2021

Indie Life Media Gallery

First Friday West Philly Showcase

August-October 2021

Lobby Gallery

Multiple Artist Event

July-August 2022

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